Foreword — Today marks 50 years since Bangladesh’s independence so I thought I’d share a story I wrote in 2018 for a university BAME society event. As we were exploring identity, my original idea was to address one of the primary assessments made consciously or unconsciously upon seeing me, namely…


Murder! — The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

It sounds simple enough, so where do your elected officials stand when politicians across the Western-world have said they are willing to let thousands die for the possibility of saving markets or of reaching herd immunity? Geographical factors…

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Hailed as the ‘Mandela of the East’, Aung San Suu Kyi has profited from the vogue that non-violent prodemocracy campaigning and decades of house arrest has afforded her. Modest, eloquent and refined in disposition, Aung San Suu Kyi is the Oxford-educated, youngest daughter of Aung San — the father of…

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Data is everywhere. At almost every opportunity it is now gleaned off our actions and our interactions with the world around us to inform any number of metrics through the services we use. The sheer quantity of this information is big data.

Putting it into perspective

Bureaucracy and policy making through collected data is…

Russian Tales, 1916 — Mikhail Larionov

Here in the UK and worldwide, lockdown and its divisive progeny have led many to desperately scrape the barrel for the pacifying effects of some much needed novelty. As a once busy musician I’ve found myself with almost an entire calendar to fill, and so, after trying to avoid eating…

Analysing the deadlocks of the EU decision-making process in the post-Covid recovery

Foreward: This piece was written collaboratively and submitted for a competition at the East-West European Institute. It was published on 17/12/2020 available at:

The European Union is a political and economic organisation crossing different policy areas, with…

Andrew Armstrong

Andrew Armstrong is an acclaimed international artist based in the UK. Here he explores current affairs, culture and opinion

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